Lists today are exceedingly popular morsels of arcania and many enjoy them for both fun and information. Their commercial popularity peaked with the publication of the volume The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky and Amy Wallace in 1976, an exhaustive compilation of lists of all kinds. More recently lists and “listicles” have become favorite features on and other Internet websites, where they are used more to prompt the sale of product than inform and entertain. But they do that too and that’s what makes them interesting. I have met a few people over the years who made a hobby of compiling lists. I guess it rubbed off on me. These lists are my contribution to the genre. They are not and are not intended to be exhaustive, just trivial.  Most are factual and others are opinions and preferential. I had a lot of fun compiling them but I must admit, this is a hobby that can become burdensome, as the scope and variety of lists is endless. These few dozen are my modest contribution to the trend. Hope you find something useful here.